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Shield Concierge:
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7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Pacific Time
Monday through Friday
Find the right health plan in 5 minutes or less
Our interactive video will help you to:
  • Compare plans quickly
  • Find network doctors
  • Explore wellness programs and more
Save a trip to the doctor's office
Talk to a board-certified Teladoc® medical doctor by phone or video.
Our virtual assistant is available to help you find a provider.

Do you need your primary care physician's (PCP's) ID number? Once you find your PCP, select the More info button.
  • Advanced provider search
    Search for providers in California by multiple criteria such as gender, language, etc. Select your plan's Find a Doctor link below to begin your search. To find your PCP’s ID number, click on the doctor’s name and select View details under "Primary Care Physician ID."
  • Access+ HMO Find a Doctor
  • Trio HMO Find a Doctor
  • PPO Find a Doctor
  • Find a Doctor Tutorials
    Watch our tutorials on how to use the Find a Doctor tool.
  • Emergency and urgent care outside California
    Through the BlueCard® Program, HMO members can access urgent care services across the country and around the world. You can receive urgent care services from any provider; however, using the BlueCard Program can be more cost-effective and may eliminate the need for you to pay for the services when they are rendered and submit a claim for reimbursement. To locate a BlueCard provider, please call (800) 810-BLUE or go to Find a Doctor.
Trio HMO 20 plan
Our Trio HMO plan:
  • Has no deductible, just fixed copays.
  • Is typically more affordable than other plans.
  • Features a select network of local providers who closely coordinate your care.
  • Offers a concierge service to help you with everything from benefit questions to scheduling doctor’s appointments.
Note: When you enroll in Trio HMO 20 for the first time, you must choose a primary care physician (PCP) for yourself and your covered dependents. Each member of your family can choose a different physician and medical group/Independent Practice Association (IPA).
Access+ HMO plan
With our Access+ HMO® plan, you:
  • Only pay a fixed copayment for most services like doctor visits, urgent care, and emergency care
  • Have access to one of the largest provider networks in California, with more than 10,000 primary care physicians (PCPs), 270 hospitals, and 34,000 specialists
  • Choose a PCP who will coordinate your care and refer you to specialists and hospitals within their medical group/Independent Practice Association(IPA)

Note: When you enroll in the Access+ HMO plan for the first time, you must choose a PCP for yourself and your covered dependents. Each member of your family can choose a different physician and medical group/IPA.
Shield Spectrum PPO plan
The Shield Spectrum PPO plan allows you to:
  • See any doctor you choose for most services
  • Self-refer to specialists
  • Usually pay less for services that are provided by PPO network providers
  • Pay a copayment or coinsurance for most services after the plan’s deductible has been met
Learn about your pharmacy benefits
Prescription drug benefits are an important part of your Blue Shield health plan.

Understanding your pharmacy benefits can help you save money. You may save if your medication is a preferred prescription drug. Also, if you take a stabilized doses of covered medications for chronic conditions such as diabetes, you can have a 90-day supply delivered through our mail service pharmacy. Shipping is free, and you may save on your copay.
Introducing the CredibleMind mental health resource hub
Available at no extra cost
CredibleMind offers many different resources, all in one place. You can navigate by topic, including everything from stress and anxiety to happiness and resilience.
Wellvolution®, our digital platform for health and well-being, offers over 50 tested apps and programs to help you achieve your health goals – at no extra cost.

You choose the areas to focus on:
  • Prevent and reverse disease – Prevent diabetes and reverse cardiovascular disease and other conditions.
  • Eat better – Get help with meal planning, use nutritional calculators, and lose weight.
  • Exercise more – Get support with movement tracking, workout routines, and coaching.
  • Manage stress – Meditate, practice mindfulness, and more. Two popular mental health apps, Headspace and Ginger, are now available through Wellvolution.
  • Sleep better – Track sleep patterns and enjoy relaxation exercises for better rest.
  • Quit smoking – Get the support you need to stop smoking with nicotine replacement therapy and other methods.
NurseHelp 24/7SM
Registered nurses are available to answer your health questions at any time, every day.
* These discount program services are not a covered benefit of your Blue Shield of California, Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company (Blue Shield Life), or self-insured health plan, and none of the terms or conditions of the Blue Shield, Blue Shield Life, or self-insured health plan apply. The networks of practitioners and facilities in the discount programs are managed by external program administrators, including any screening and credentialing of providers. Blue Shield does not review the services provided by discount program providers for medical necessity or efficacy, nor does Blue Shield make any recommendations, representations, claims, or guarantees regarding the practitioners, their availability, fees, services, or products. Some services offered through the discount program may already be included as part of the Blue Shield plan covered benefits. Members or self-insured plan participants should access those covered services prior to using the discount program. Members or self-insured plan participants who are not satisfied with products or services received from the discount program may use the grievance process described in their Evidence of Coverage, Disclosure Form, Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form, Benefit Booklet or Certificate of Insurance/ Policy. Blue Shield reserves the right to terminate this program at any time without notice.

Wellvolution is a registered trademark of Blue Shield of California. Wellvolution and all associated digital and in-person health programs, services, and offerings are managed by Solera, Inc., a health company committed to changing lives by guiding people to better health in their communities.

NurseHelp 24/7 and LifeReferrals 24/7 are service marks of Blue Shield of California.