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(800) 334-5847 (TTY 711)
7 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week
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(888) 802-4599 (TTY 711)
7 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week
Watch our interactive video to help you:
Our interactive video will help you to:
  • Compare plans quickly
  • Find network doctors
  • Explore wellness programs and more
Access+ HMO and Trio HMO interactive video

Blue Shield EPO interactive video
Book 1:1 appointment
Need help finding a doctor or have health coverage questions? Schedule an appointment with a Blue Shield representative when it's convenient for you.
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How to choose the right plan for you
We know that selecting a new plan can feel overwhelming. Browse our health plan selection questions below to guide yourself through the process.
Watch our 2024 plan presentations
Learn about our 2024 health benefit offerings by watching the following plan option video presentations.
Understanding copays and deductibles
It’s easy to forget how something works when you only do it once a year. Here are some common terms to refresh your memory before open enrollment starts.
Talk to a board-certified Teladoc® doctor.
  • Access+ HMO and Blue Shield EPO members have access to speak with a doctor by phone or video for a $0 copayment.
  • Trio HMO members have access to speak with a doctor or mental health professional by phone or video for a $0 copayment.
Choose from two popular mental health apps
Headspace and Ginger are available through Wellvolution®
  • Headspace offers over 500 guided meditations to help with anxiety, sleep, and more, as well as yoga workouts, wind-down exercises, and other features.

  • Ginger offers on-demand, confidential mental health support day or night through coaching, self-guided activities, and more.
Discover Headspace, Ginger, and many other wellness apps at
Introducing the CredibleMind mental health resource hub
Available at no extra cost
CredibleMind offers many different resources, all in one place. You can navigate by topic, including everything from stress and anxiety to happiness and resilience.